Who: I am a husband of a beautiful wife and father of two wonderful children.

What: I am a pastor of a non-denominational church.

When: Right now.

Where: Alaska

Why: I am a husband because she said, “Yes.” I am a father because God has blessed us. I am a pastor because He called. I am in Alaska because His beauty surrounds us.

A bit more: My user name is a palindrome and was a given nickname from an employer some years back. I love theology and philosophy. I love debate, but I prefer polemics to apologetics. I am a Reformed Baptist (read – very Calvinistic, but essentially Baptist especially in terms of eschatology and the ordinances.)

Still more: I started blogging so that I could hone my skills as a communicator. As a pastor, spoken communication is my profession, but I find that written and spoken communication can enhance one another. Additionally, like many, I dream of writing professionally and seeing my work published. Whatever the result of that dream, I hope that blogging will enhance my skills as I pastor the people God has entrusted to me.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Jason Says:

    I’m forever a fan of yours.. When you publish a book, tell me.. I’ll be a buyer..

  2. murugesh Says:

    i want to know fully about your site.

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