June 13, 2008

The family begins a 4 week long trip in two days and I already feel like I need a vacation from this vacation.  All sorts of trials have presented themselves.  Tempers are already flaring.


First, the airline is changing its checked bag policy in the middle of our trip.  As we fly out, we can each have two checked bags.  On our way home, we can only have one per person. 


From there, things seem to only get more stressful

We do not have a car reserved yet. I had thought we had reserved the car in February.  My wife told me she had not made the reservations yet.  The prices we could have paid in February have gone up.  She had good reasons as the people we are traveling with never got back to her with necessary information.  So, we will see what happens.


We are not packed yet.  The kids are packed.  I am mostly packed.  My wife is not.  Her mother asked her to make several quilts for some upcoming weddings.  She is stressed and I can see why.  Putting a quilt together is hard work.  One could just slap a basic quilt together, but she takes pride in her work. 


The house is still a mess and we have house sitters for part of our absence.  I want everything nice for our sitters, as does my wife.  But with all the other stresses, housework cannot be our first priority. 


So, I feel stressed out about our travel and it has not even started yet.


The challenge is to refrain from being irritable.  The kids are taking it all in stride, but the adults are feeling the pressure.  At times like this, I am glad a Christian marriage is between one man, one woman, and the Most High God.


My prayer is that I keep my irritation in check and not focused at my family.  I really want to have a lot of fun, but that would be difficult if we start our trip with an argument.


So, I pray that our trip is fun and relaxing and full of warmth.

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