May 7, 2008

I love written communication. I love everything about it. I love to read. Happiness is a new book and a fresh cup of coffee. I love to write. I love the ability to take my thoughts and craft them into what you see before you now.

My appetite for books is voracious. I read a wide range of genres and styles as well. I have just finished the stories behind the movie “A Christmas Story”. Before that, I enjoyed an excellent piece of classic science fiction by Frederik Pohl. Prior to Mr. Pohl, I devoured a book of short stories revolving around zombies.

My writing is less robust. I am a professional communicator, but in the spoken word – not the written. I am by profession and calling a pastor. I hope that is not too much of a shock to anyone. A pastor enjoys books about zombies! Well, ’tis true! This pastor loves God and reads about zombies.

While I write less than i would prefer, I hope this blog provides an outlet for my desire, my need to write. I dream long and hard of writing a professional work of fiction. My dream is not to write for the fame or the income. I want to experience giving birth to real story. Even if the story never sells, I want to know the joy of that birth. I pray this blog contributes to that birth.

And so, I am springing forth onto the web. I am a nameless, faceless man hunkered over a keyboard. I bear no weight of my office here. I am excited. I am expectant. I am fearful. I am hopeful. I simply am.


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